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Celebrating our 60th Anniversary!

The Emerald Isle Club, Inc. was founded in 1956 by a group of Irish friends who wanted to keep their Irish heritage alive and pass it down to future generations. Over the past 60 years the Club has become well-known in the Maryland Irish Community for its members' dedication and support of traditional Irish music and dance, Irish charities, Irish ancestry and language, and for its strong monthly ceili program. The Emerald Isle Club is a non-sectarian and 501(c)3 charitable organization.

We extend an invitation to all people who are strongly committed to these same ideals to join our organization and work to strengthen the awareness of Irish heritage in the Baltimore and Maryland communities. Until we are able to get our links to our membership and ceili pages active, please use our email to contact the Club with questions or requests for membership at EICnewsletter@yahoo.com.

Board of Directors, Officers and Committee

Officers: Fall 2016 - Summer 2017
EIC President Rick Herbig
Vice President Jody Landers
Secretary Kate A. Murphy
Asst. Secretary

Pete Lally

Treasurer Jack Murphy
Asst. Treasurer Robert Powers
Sergeant-at-Arms Bill Zittle
Chaplain Msgr. A. Thomas Baumgartner
Historian Mary Roecker

Laura Cadden
Clara Finnegan
Peter Fitzgerald
Richard Herbig
Kathy Holland
Leo McManus
Kathryn M. Murphy
Suki Parks

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Committee Chairs Fall 2016 - Summer 2017
Ceili Jody Landers - 410-254-7046
Chaplain Msgr. A. Thomas Baumgartner
Hearts & Flowers Judy Kondner
Irish Festival Mary Ann McCloskey
Membership Jody Landers
Memorial MassMary Roecker
Jean Smial
Judy Kondner
Mary Beth Lennon
Music Peter Fitzgerald
Newsletter Treasa Beyer
FundraiserRick Herbig
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Contact The Emerald Isle Club

By Mail:
Emerald Isle Club
PO Box 20068
Towson, MD 21284

By E-mail:
Newsletter (Sign up, or Submissions: EICnewsletter@yahoo.com
EIC Board: EIC Board

By Phone:
Jody Landers - 410-254-7046


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Presidential History
After three years serving as EIC President, Bill Zittle has decided to step down. Thank you Bill for your great effort!

EIC is pleased to announce that Rick Herbig will resume the office of President. He served in that role until 2013, and will bring his experience to our 2016-2017 season.

Rick and Bill passing the tourch (back and forth).


President's Letter - Fall 2014:

EIC President - Rick Herbig

Dia duit!

Autumn has arrived, and with it the start of our Ceili season at Parkville Heritage Gardens this Saturday night at 7pm. We will be offering once again the season admission package. Cead míle failte!

I hope you came to the 60th Anniversary of the Emerald Isle Club event. There were approximately 95 guests in attendance. Ed McBride and the J Patrick’s All-Stars provided the music for us, and Parkville Heritage Gardens pre-pared a delectable buffet to nourish the audience.

This event required extensive planning and preparation, and it would not have been successful without the continued and concerted efforts of the officers and members of the board. They deserve a mighty thank you. It is a delight to have members who volunteer to accept responsibility for tasks before they are even assigned. Long live the Club!

Rick Herbig,
President, Emerald Isle Club

Comments and suggestions are always welcomed by emailing me at rgherb@att.net or look for me at the Ceili. Remember to like us on Facebook and share our event and postings, which is a great way to help us promote our events.

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